“Female Voice of Iran” Concert by Inner Unity Ensemble

  • Date: Sun. February 5, 2023
  • Time: 7:00 p.m.
  • Location: Mercator Hall Philharmonic, Duisburg
  • Film Screening: “The Female Voice of Iran” shown on Thu. February 2, 2023, at filmforum, followed by an audience discussion with Yalda Yazdani and others.

Inner Unity Ensemble:

  • Curator & Music Ethnologist: Yalda Yazdani
  • Conductor & Guitarist: Mahan Mirarab
  • Vocalist: Samin Ghorbani
  • Ney & Flute: Valentina Bellanova
  • Percussion: Kimia Bani
  • Cello: Uygur Vural
  • Clarinet: Shabnam Parvaresh
  • Baglama: Koray B. Sari

The “Female Voice of Iran” concert, led by the Inner Unity Ensemble, marked a unique fusion of Iranian, Mediterranean, jazz, and classical music, transcending cultural boundaries. Yalda Yazdani, the Iranian music ethnologist, brought this project to life in Duisburg, Germany, breaking down barriers between musical traditions.

Event Details:

  • The film “The Female Voice of Iran” was screened on February 2, 2023, at the filmforum, featuring a discussion with Yalda Yazdani and others.
  • The live concert took place on February 5, 2023, at Mercator Hall Philharmonic in Duisburg.
  • The Inner Unity Ensemble, with Mahan Mirarab’s arrangements, beautifully combined Iranian and Mediterranean tones with jazz and classical elements.
  • The collaborative spirit of the ensemble, which included musicians like Samin Ghorbani, Valentina Bellanova, Kimia Bani, Uygur Vural, Shabnam Parvaresh, and Koray B. Sari, showcased the power of cross-cultural musical exploration.
  • The event was an inspiring example of how music can bridge cultural gaps and create a rich, harmonious experience.

Additional Information:

  • “Conference Room 6” of the Congress Center in the Citypalais hosted a “Concert Guide Live” session at 6:15 p.m., providing insights into the upcoming concert.
  • The collaboration was made possible in cooperation with filmforum, enriching the event with the screening and discussion about “The Female Voice of Iran” documentary.

Through the Inner Unity Ensemble’s performance and the film screening, attendees witnessed the convergence of diverse musical traditions, emphasizing the universal language of music and its capacity to foster understanding and unity.

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