Samin Ghorbani, a remarkable Iranian classical singer, weaves the enchanting tapestry of music through her soulful vocal expressions. With a diverse array of projects and accomplishments, her artistic journey is one of harmonious exploration and cultural enrichment. A graduate in Graphics from Shariati Technical and Vocational College, Samin’s artistic prowess extends beyond music, as she also illustrates textbooks for schools across Iran. 

Her musical ventures range from collaborations with eminent artists like Sirous Mohajeri and Siamak Jahangiri to participating in prestigious international music festivals, including “SHARG TARONALARI” in Samarqand, Uzbekistan.

Her passion for both music and education converge as she imparts her knowledge at various music academies, nurturing aspiring talents. Samin Ghorbani’s melodic odyssey resonates not only in her mesmerizing performances but also in her dedication to enriching artistic landscapes worldwide.

Career Highlights


  • Diploma in Graphics from Shariati Technical and Vocational College (May 2005).


  1. “INNER UNITY ENSEMBLE” Concert at Duisburg Philharmonic (February 2023).
  2. Classical Iranian vocal collection accompanied by Sirous Mohajeri’s piano playing (September 2022).
  3. Collaboration on the music project of the film “ATABAY,” directed by NIKI KARIMI, with music by master HOSSEIN ALIZADEH (September 2020).
  4. Recording of folklore piece “DON’T GO FAR AWAY” with Master Siamak Jahangiri and Farzad Fazli (April 2019).
  5. Recording of Iranian classical “PARY KHANE” (Fairy house) with Master Siamak Jahangiri (June 2019).
  6. Participation in “FEMALE VOICE OF IRAN” Contemporary Opera Berlin (November 2018).
  7. Music festival project “SHARG TARONALARI” in Samarqand, Uzbekistan (July 2015).
  8. Music projects in Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Malaysia, and Turkey (2014-2020).


  1. Instructor at multiple music academies in Iran (2010-2022).
  2. Teaching engagements at “AHANG,” “NEYESTAN,” “KOOK,” “TARANE,” “RAGA,” “TORANJ,” “SAYE,” “ÖZGÜR HANE,” and “NAKMELER” Music Academies.

Other Achievements:

  1. Illustration of textbooks for Iranian schools.
  2. Painting Exhibition at Ebne Sina Gallery (2013-2016).
  3. First and second-place wins in painting and caricature competitions (2000-2003).

Language Skills:

  1. Proficient in Persian (Native), Turkish, Azerbaijani, and conversational English.
  2. Deutsch (Learning…)

Current Residence:

  • Samin Ghorbani currently resides in Berlin, Germany.





Samin Ghorbani’s journey is one of artistic excellence, cultural collaboration, and tireless dedication to nurturing both musical and artistic talents. Her resonant voice and creative spirit transcend boundaries, leaving an indelible mark on the global artistic landscape.