Samin ghorbani maueur park berlin

Bridging Love through Music: “MAUERPARK” – A Melodic Journey from Berlin to Tehran and Buenos Aires

In a beautiful confluence of musical talent and cross-cultural collaboration, the song “MAUERPARK” has emerged as a captivating embodiment of the connections between Berlin, Tehran, and Buenos Aires. This enchanting piece pays homage to the renowned multi-cultural park, Mauerpark, situated in the heart of Berlin. With the participation of gifted artists from different corners of the world, the song resonates with the spirit of unity and artistic exploration.

The Creative Ensemble:

  • Samin Ghorbani: An Iranian singer with a mystical and enigmatic voice, Samin Ghorbani, along with composer Kavosh Sohrabian, lends her vocal prowess to this unique musical endeavor.
  • Carlos Libedinsky: Bringing deep electronic sounds to the composition is Carlos Libedinsky, whose skillful use of the bandoneon adds an evocative layer to the music.
  • Forugh Farrokhzad: The poignant poetry of the Persian artist Forugh Farrokhzad infuses the song with sensitivity and depth.

Artistic Collaboration:

  • Art Cover: The cover of “MAUERPARK” is a creation by the talented floral artist Mona Isabelle. Her Flower Art serves as a visual representation of the song’s emotional depth and thematic richness.
  • Photography: The captivating photograph that accompanies the release was captured by Saskia Uppenkamp, a skilled photographer who beautifully captures the essence of the music.

The Genesis of Collaboration: The seeds of this remarkable collaboration were sown in 2018 when Samin Ghorbani and Carlos Libedinsky crossed paths in Berlin. The encounter took place during the “Female Voice of Iran Festival,” curated by Yalda Yazdani and Andreas Rochholl. A connection was immediately felt, and the desire to collaborate in the future lingered in the air.

The opportunity for collaboration truly blossomed when Mona Isabelle extended an invitation. She invited Samin Ghorbani and Carlos Libedinsky to compose the original music for her Audiovisual project titled “Flowers of Hope.” Despite being physically distant, the creative process flowed seamlessly, with Samin and her husband Kavosh Sohrabian recording from Tehran. The soul-stirring poetry of Forugh Farrokhzad was beautifully woven into the composition, adding a layer of emotional resonance.

The Unveiling of “MAUERPARK”: “MAUERPARK” represents the culmination of this multi-faceted collaboration. The song is a musical testament to the power of art to transcend geographical boundaries and bring together diverse voices in harmony. The distinctive blend of Samin Ghorbani’s haunting vocals, Carlos Libedinsky’s electronic sounds, and the evocative words of Forugh Farrokhzad creates a captivating audio journey.

This collaboration is a testament to the unifying force of music and art. “MAUERPARK” paints a sonorous picture of unity, diversity, and the harmonious interplay of cultures from Tehran to Berlin to Buenos Aires. It stands as a reminder that creativity knows no borders, and that through the language of art, bridges can be built that connect hearts across the world.


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